Chairman of Gangseo-gu District Council

Chairman of Gangseo-gu District Council Choi Dong-cheol

Dear and respected Gangseo-gu residents!
We sincerely welcome you to the website of Gangseo-gu District Council.

I'm Choi Dong-cheol, the 9th chairman of Gangseo-gu District Council.

The first half of the 9th Gangseo-gu Council began in earnest with the wishes of the residents.

Gangseo-gu District Council in the first half of the ninth year, as a representative organization of the residents, will carry out active legislative activities to promote regional development and welfare.

Gangseo-gu Council will create a forum for open communication by sharing vivid legislative activities with residents through its website.

The members of the Gangseo-gu District will always strive to establish a correct parliamentary position, and will become a council trusted by the residents through fair duties and legislative activities.

We ask for your continued interest and participation in the future.

Thank you!